Emotional Weather is my way of bringing together Art, Health and Design. I am an artist, curator and writer and my work sits  at the intersection of the visual arts, wellbeing and increasingly, technology. 

Why Emotional Weather? I am fascinated by the external weather and how we use the language around it to describe how we feel. I think it is important to be able to express how you feel and believe emotional literacy is vital for wellbeing. But it doesn’t all have to be serious. Emotional Weather seeks to bring a bit of fun and frivolity to feelings through the range of clothing, homeware and design. 

In 2015 I produced a work called - Sagacity: [The Periodic Table of Emotions] which resulted from a commission to explore the wellbeing of a city, Dundee with Dundee Contemporary Arts. This existed originally as an interactive installation and a limited edition print. I have developed this into a range of home based designs.

i also work extensively with arts and health. 

For other work please see   http://www.aidanmoesby.co.uk